The Importance of Conference Room Technology

When it concerns business communications, meeting technology is an essential element of a company’s success. The proper technology in the workplace can help to make meetings more efficient and promote collaboration between team members even when they aren’t present.

The modern conference room has witnessed a myriad of changes in how people collaborate. The traditional in-office work experience has been replaced by the use of remote, hybrid schedules and video conferences. To adapt to these new workplace models the technology used in conference rooms must be equipped with tools that allow users to create a virtual workplace.

Video conferencing is considered by 79 percent of professionals to be just as productive as face-to-face meetings. The need for conference rooms equipped with the latest technology in communication has never been more crucial. It is imperative that meeting rooms have presentation systems that are easy to use and reliable.

The most modern conference room technology includes interactive digital whiteboards and collaborative software that lets you meet with participants all over the world. For instance, Microsoft’s Surface Hub is a state-of-the-art solution that replaces outdated technologies like the conference phone hub and archaic overhead projectors with a single touchscreen device that provides an integrated video conference, digital whiteboards and screen sharing capabilities.

A reliable meeting management system is another vital piece of technology that is essential for conference rooms. These tools simplify the process of booking the space for a meeting, cut down on double bookings, as well as notify participants instantly about any changes to the program. They also enable users to experience the same experience across all meeting rooms and ensure that conference room technology is up-to date and working.